Celebrating Chinese New Year of DOG 2018 Art Festival

My studies of Tocho the family dog made it to the Chinese New Year of Dog 2018 Arts Festival and I could not be happier. Stop by and say hello!

When: 10th (Sat) – 23rd (Fri) February, 2018, from noon to 5 pm
Where: International Village Mall, Unit 2083 — 88 Pender Street West, Vancouver.

Chinese New Year of Dog 2018 Arts Festival (hereunder called the CNY Arts Festival) is organized and curated by International Arts Gallery (hereunder called the Gallery) and Va-fair –Vancouver Art Fair Ltd.

This CNY Arts Festival will be hosted at International Arts Gallery during the signature event of Celebrating Chinese New Year of Dog 2018 @ International Village Mall, Unit 2083 — 88 Pender Street West, Vancouver.

This is a themed show dedicated to the year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac. Works featured in this show are mostly abide by the theme together with elements in relation to Chinese culture and the New Year.

Source: International Arts Gallery


Sketching at the Vancouver Art Gallery (part two)

This is a time-lapse video:

Exhibition: Portraits of Passion

Stop by and say hello to my three drawings!

Nice mice inspired by a photograph by Miroslav Hlavko, Mom and daughter bornean orangutan inspired by a photograph by Frans Lanting, and Mom cow and calf inspired by sketches I made at Maplewood Farm.

The Love Show: Portraits of Passion is an art exhibition part of Art in Display, a partnership between the City of White Rock and Semiahmoo Arts. This exhibition runs from January 17 until March 2, 2018 at the White Rock Community Centre, 145154 Russell Ave, British Columbia  Canada).





Learning new techniques, part one

Woa! Inspired by the exhibition “Portrait of the Artist” at the Vancouver Art Gallery, I am redrawing some sketches I made at Maplewood farm using black and white chalk on blue paper, under Artemisia Gentileschi’s watch, of course!




BC Children’s Hospital Holiday Card Program

The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital chose one of my designs for their season holiday card program.  I am incredibly grateful that something I made would help funding their initiatives! You can purchase yours here

About the 2017 Holiday Card Collection:

“BC Children’s Hospital is proud to present the 2017 Holiday Card Collection. When you order these attractive, high quality cards, you are not only expressing your holiday sentiments with style, you are also supporting brighter futures for BC’s kids.

The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital supports the areas of greatest need at the hospital by funding vital programs and services essential to providing the absolute best in pediatric care to the children of British Columbia.

Volunteers of the Auxiliary to the BC Children’s Hospital continue to serve our patients and families with a multitude of skills, dedication and compassion. Volunteers are involved in every level of a family’s experience at the hospital.

Volunteers provide hands-on support to parents and children throughout the hospital in the outpatient clinics, inpatient wards and through support to siblings and family members. The number of clinics continues to increase and volunteers are increasingly needed to provide support to families who struggle with days filled with appointments.”

(From www.bcchholidaycards.com)

Sketching Glen Keane

Animation legend and nice human being Glen Keane recently visited SPARKCQ in Vancouver, and I was very fortunate to volunteer and sketch at the event. I know! How can I NOT sketch when Glen Keane is talking, gesturing, explaining and drawing! The night he received his lifetime achievement award, I only carried markers and some immigration forms… and I did not hesitate: I sketched on them 🙂 The next day though, I came prepared with the sketchbook I use when sketching with markers.

During his talk, entitled “Thinking like a child”, not only he shared his thinking process behind his designing the Beast, sweet family anecdotes, fun memories from the time he worked at Walt Disney Studios and wise advice. He also showed what a humble, sweet, caring person he is.




Sketching dancers!

Arts Umbrella organized recently a free 4-hour life drawing session with two dancers, during BC Culture days at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Vancouver, BC). These amazing dancers would perform at different speed and stop at a given time for 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes. They changed costumes as well, giving me the rare opportunity to sketch some ruffles and tutus… which was, I confess, my favorite part.

These are some 3 minute poses:

These are some 5 minute poses:

These are some 1 minute poses:

This a 10 minute pose:

Oh, this also happened…


Precious Frogs: the Exhibition

My wandering salamander Evangelina, based on photographs by Todd Pierson, was accepted into the ‘Precious Frogs’ exhibition! ‘Precious Frogs’ is an art exhibition and fundraising event happening at Science World (Vancouver, BC) from September 29th until December 15, 2017.

“A variety of threats are causing amphibian population declines both globally and within our own province. Currently 20 species of native amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) live in British Columbia and half are of conservation concern. The Precious Frogs project aims to inspire artists to be a bridge between scientists and the broader public and to promote awareness and action for the long term conservation of our amphibians”

(Source: Science World and Precious Frogs: https://www.preciousfrog.ca/)

Sketching at Taiwan Festival: Part two

Studies in gouache

I had watched a documentary on the making of Disney’s animated feature Sleeping Beauty, and I got fascinated by the background art and the gouache possibilities. To be able to paint with brighter stones on top of darker ones with a matte finish. So I decided to experiment. I first made a quick pass in watercolour and then started to build with acrylic gouache.